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6.33 Friends


What are friends?
Friends are people that enter into a mutual agreement (unlike allies, for which
see HELP ALLIES). Request formal recognition as a 'friend' by nearly anyone
you wish. Friend status occurs when the person recognises you as a friend in
return, at which point the benefits begin!

You are limited to 20 mutually-recognised friends unless you wish to purchase
additional circles of friends, which is discussed below.

What are the benefits of friendship?
Other than that warm, fuzzy feeling inside? Right now, there are 5 benefits
you have with your mutual friends. You can:

- Add mutual friends to your WATCHFOR list. Then, if your friend has
  toggled CONFIG WATCHFORALLOW ON, any time that a friend on your WATCHFOR
  list enters the realms, you will receive a notification. You can either
  * WATCHFOR ADD <friend> PERMANENT to always receive the notification, or
  * WATCHFOR ADD <friend> to receive the notification only once.
  You can also add notes to the notifications, to remind yourself why you
  were watching for a particular person. Try WATCHFOR alone for syntax.

- QW FRIENDS to see a QW list filtered to only show your friends in
  the realms. (This does not bypass artefacts/abilities that are meant
  to conceal persons from the QW list.)

- PARTY INVITE FRIENDS to invite all your friends currently in
  the realms into a party at once. (See HELP PARTIES.)

- ALLY FRIENDS to instantly ally all your friends to available ally slots.

- Add your friends to permission lists for any houses you might own.

Adding and removing friends
If Jim wants to add Sally as a friend, Jim uses the command: FRIEND SALLY.
Sally will get a message about Jim's request, and will also be able to check
for pending friends requests with the command FRIENDS REQUESTS (or just
FRIENDS R). To accept Jim's request, Sally can simply type FRIEND
JIM, and the friendship becomes official. If Sally does not confirm Jim's
friend request, the request will expire after 14 days.

If at any point, either friend decides to nullify the mutual friendship, he
or she can do so. For example, if Jim changes his mind about Sally, he can
FRIEND REMOVE SALLY. What happens then is that Jim's approval of Sally as a
mutual friend is removed, but Sally's approval of Jim as a mutual friend
still remains as a friendship request until Sally removes it from her end as
well. So if Sally has NOT removed Jim, and Jim checks FRIENDS REQUESTS, he
would see Sally listed there as someone requesting friendship, and he could
FRIEND SALLY and restore the friendship to official status. 

Friend requests will expire in 14 Achaean months if not answered.

FRIENDS - see with whom you have mutually acknowledged friendship.
FRIENDS R(EQUESTS) - see outstanding requests for friendship from or to you.
FRIEND <person> - request or confirm mutual friendship with another.
FRIEND REMOVE <person> - end or withdraw the request for a mutual

Adding New Circles of Friends
From anywhere at all you may BUY CIRCLE OF FRIENDS PERMIT, which will increase
your limit on friends by 5 at a cost of 25 bound credits.