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19.24.13 ElderGods Talismans

The "ElderGods" talisman set:
Talismans and pieces from this set can be obtained in the following ways:
- Promotions. This will always be announced via the relevant news when the
  pieces are currently available.
- Trading between players (pieces only)

The ElderGods set contains the following talismans:
A declaration of hostility          - TALISMAN INFO AEGIS
   - Priced at 1500
   - Possessing this declaration affords a 1.5% critical hit bonus against mobs (not guards) that are loyal to an organisation who holds feelings of hatred towards you.
A dwarven finishing hammer          - TALISMAN INFO PHAESTUS   
   - Priced at 400
   - SMITE GROUND WITH HAMMER to break all magical shields and prone anyone who had their shield broken in the room.
   - Smiting the ground incurs a 1 minute cooldown and has a 3.2 second balance cost.
   - This item must be wielded to use.
A sachet of soothing herbs          - TALISMAN INFO VALNURANA
   - Priced at 300
   - SHAKE SACHET and if you are put to sleep within the next minute, the person who sleeps you will also fall asleep.
   - The item will be removed from your inventory on use and will return after 20 minutes.
A battered sifting pan              - TALISMAN INFO PROSPERO
   - Priced at 1200
   - Minimum contribution to the pan is 10,000 gold sovereigns.
   - 10 seconds after shaking, the pan creates a room effect 10 s that will damage all in room scaling to the amount of gold put in if the shaker is alive.
   - 15 minute cooldown on the person who shook the pan and the room the pan was shaken in.
   - Gold is consumed on shake and can be removed from the pan prior to shaking.
   - 4 second balance on shake.
A translucent filter                - TALISMAN INFO LORIELAN
   - Priced at 250
   - OBSERVE <person> when in the same location to see a variety of information about that person.
   - 2.5 second balance on use.
A double-flowered cherry blossom    - TALISMAN INFO GAIA
   - Priced at 100
   - Wear this item and it will impart a perfume/cologne-like scent that changes based on the season.   

Storm-grey wings cloaked in lightning - TALISMAN INFO VASTAR
   - Priced at 2000
   - These are equivalent to atavian wings.
   - These wings will also reach all exits available to the eagle's wings

A rosewood citole                     - TALISMAN INFO SCARLATTI
   - Priced at 500
   - This citole functions akin to the Lasallian lyre.
   - When STRUMmed, will grant the prismatic barrier defence.
   - The citole is also considered a bardic instrument.
   - This barrier stops most physical attacks. What you can do while in one is severely limited.

An obsidian hound carving             - TALISMAN INFO TWILIGHT
   - Priced at 350
   - This expands the assist line on deathsight to show exactly who was involved.

Collect all of the above talismans to earn a piece of shimmering Ayardium!
   - EAT AYARDIUM to gain a random rare mineral bonus (from the list below).
   - This bonus lasts for 20 minutes (22 for Tash'la).
   - This item returns to you after 2 hours.
   - Possible mineral bonuses are: Ahmetite, Azelhurium, Draekinite, Laytronite, Makaelicite, Profithyst, Senastone, Shunsten, Telendrium, Valenticite, Verillium, and Xerthyst.