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Of the many goals towards which the teeming adventurers of Achaea aspire, one of the most difficult to achieve is the status of Greater Dragon. From riches to political power, from religious influence to combat mastery - attaining Dragonhood is still seen as a glorious and nigh-unattainable prize by comparison.

Since the day that Aringar became the first mortal in memory to be gifted with the soul of a Dragon by Ashaxei, the White Dragon of Han-Tolneth, many have aspired to this lofty goal.

The Greater Dragons are not animalistic, ravenous monsters that prey upon unwary travellers. Those are the lesser dragons, like Geh'shya, the Black Dragon of Belladona's Keep. As you know if you've read Achaea's Mythology, the Greater Dragons bore the Aldar forces to rescue the Gods from destruction at Nishnatoba. They are a noble and extremely powerful race of beings who dwell on their own plane of existence, created for them at the end of the Chaos Wars, called the
Parthren Gare.

Upon reaching level 99, you are presented with the opportunity to choose to become one of six types of Greater Dragon: red, black, silver, gold, blue, or green. To begin the transformation, simply head to the crater in the centre of the Mhojave desert, and LIGHT the beacon for your desired Dragon colour. It should be noted that there are no particular alignments or personality traits associated with the different kinds of Greater Dragon. That sort of simplicity is only found in the lesser dragons. 

The differences between the colours is that each has a different breath weapon, each has a different battlerage set, and each has its own dragon lair (see HELP LAIRS).

When you transform into a Greater Dragon you will gain access to the skills of the Dragons and the ancient Aldar magic. When you give up your lesserform you will lose access to all three of your class skills in favour of Dragoncraft. 

Remember that if you ever fall below level 99, the spirit of the Dragon will be lost to you until you reach level 99 once again.

A Dragon's base statistics are:

Strength    : 18    Dexterity   : 14
Constitution: 20    Intelligence: 18


   - Have a racial language, Dragon.
   - Have the ability to DRAGONFORM.
   - Have the ability to fly.
   - Have level 2 resistance to cutting damage.
   - Have level 2 resistance to blunt damage.
   - Have level 2 resistance to magic damage.
   - Have level 3 resistance to psychic damage.
   - Have level 3 resistance to fire.
   - Have level 3 resistance to cold.
   - Have level 1 resistance to poison.
   - Have level 1 resistance to asphyxiation.
   - Have level 1 resistance to electricity.
   - Can shout from anywhere at level 100.
   - Do not have to wear armour.