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11.2 Divine Orders


The most important and special way in which a mortal may interact with a God
is by pledging his or her life to the God. This is done by joining the God's
Divine Order. An honour not to be taken lightly, this is accomplished by
speaking with the relevant God and establishing a rapport with him or her
first. Eventually you may feel that you are worthy of following this God, and
ask for acceptance into his or her Order. On the other hand, the God may first
decide that you would make a good addition to his or her Order, and invite you
in. You are, of course, free to refuse, but understand that everything in life
has consequences, be they trivial or large.

What Is A Divine Order?
Orders are groups of adventurers of Achaea who have formally declared their
worship of, and dedication to, a particular Deity. Most, but by no means all
Immortals of Achaea have Divine Orders. HELP GODS lists the Gods whose Orders
you may wish to learn more about. Also make sure to check HELP <godname> for
additional information about individual Gods.

Finding and Joining an Order
There is no single manner of finding or joining a Divine Order. Perhaps you
simply need to seek out a member of the Order and ask. Some Divines require
that you diligently seek a special place, such as a temple or Holy Grove. There
may be quests or trials to undertake.

What's Good About Membership?
Many find membership in a God's Order to be one of the most important parts of
their experience in Achaea. Membership gives a sense of belonging, and a sense
of being watched over by a Deity who is sympathetic to you, and whose
involvement may prove vital to success in the realms.

Leaving A Divine Order
Membership in a Divine Order is not an irrevocable decision. You can RENOUNCE
PATRON to leave a Divine Order, though you should consider this decision
carefully before making it.

A Divine Order may have as many as ten ranks, in addition to the position of
Order Head. Your God grants or withholds promotion based solely on whatever
criteria He or She may choose. It is considered extremely rude to ask for a 
promotion. Each Order rank carries with it its own special powers, from viewing 
a list of the enemies of your Order to calling down the wrath of the Gods upon 
them. ORDER PRIVILEGES (or just ORDER PRIVS) will show you your order-related
commands. See HELP SHRINES for more on this.

Lay Membership
Orders have the option to use lay membership to formally mark adventurers who 
are pursuing that particular Order. This designation does not come with a 
communication channel or newsboard; most Orders have clans for this purpose. 
You may RENOUNCE LAY MEMBERSHIP if you no longer wish to be considered a lay