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11.7.5 Deucalion, the Righteous Fire

Kindled by the primal spark that burns within the heart of the devoted comes
Deucalion, the Righteous Fire. Unceasing in His labour, the Divine
Conflagration casts light in the face of darkness, banishing shadow and
exposing iniquity. For millennia He was known as Dunamis, and in this
incarnation He checked the ambitions of Babel, denying the Mad God dominion
over the planes that lie at the fringes of Creation. Now He is the raging pyre,
the great purifier that burns to ash the false and the impure.

One of the few deities to cross the veil of death and return, Deucalion stands
as a bulwark against Chaos. The burning touch of His all-engulfing flame sears
away the abhorrent and abominable taint that stains the fabric of existence,
granting salvation through His cleansing and destructive power. The paths of
purity and sacrifice lead to the core of Deucalion's realm. Would-be
worshippers seeking understanding of His ways must expurgate their body and
soul to become worthy vessels for His purpose. Those who earn a place at His
side join an eternal struggle against an implacable foe.