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23.14 Deep sea diving

A Ship
Deep sea diving can only be accomplished on a ship which is at sea.

A Bell
The ship that wishes to permit diving must also have a diving bell. Just about
anybody can request a diving bell for their ship by doing so in writing,
identifying the exact numeric identifier of the ship.

The bell can be raised or lowered (SHIP RAISE BELL, SHIP LOWER BELL) under most
circumstances while not moving and not in port. Most locations for diving would
be of no value. You'd want a leadline to figure that out before you dive.

A Leadline
A leadline is a handy thing used to SHIP TAKE SOUNDING. This will tell you how
deep the water is and whether diving will be of any potential benefit.

A Diver
SHIP ENTER BELL before the bell is lowered. Wait till it arrives. You'll note
that there is a 'down' opening when the bell is ready to disgorge you into the
deep. When the bell is down, you will hear it ring. The more rings, the more
potentially valuable the location is.

Be absolutely sure that you are in the bell when it begins to rise. If you are
not, you will die a watery death.

You can SHIP LEAVE BELL at any time (if you are in it), even if the bell is not
on the deck of the ship.

Skeleton Keys
A shipfitter can make you a skeleton key to unlock the mysterious bone chests
found below. Save those fingers when you cook fish for your crew!