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7.29 Collections

Certain items in Achaea fit within the Collections system. These currently
include minipets and battle figurines.

Battle Figurines
Should you manage to collect an entire set of figurines (all Battle figurines
will eventually fall into one of the collections), you might be rewarded with a
special, prize figurine!

By collecting creatures and potted plants of a wide and myriad variety, you can
climb in the rankings of hoarders and zoologists and may even earn yourself an
honours line.

Certain special talisman sets are collectable (Death at this time). Completing
these may earn special items!

Collecting- How To
COLLECTIONS LIST [ALL]                  - Will list all of the available
COLLECTION ADD <collectionname> <item>* - Add an item that you possess to a
                                        - The item must belong to you (I.E is
                                          loyal to you)
COLLECTION SHOW <collectionname>        - List the details of a specific
RANKINGS COLLECTIONS                    - See where you fall amidst the
                                          collectors of Achaea!

* Adding an item to the collection merely associates it with that listing, it
will not affect the status of the creature or figurine in your possession. Once
added, an item may not be removed from a collection.