Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.

10.18 City Guides

Each of Achaea's cities now has an in game "guide" system

Ashtan    - Thrall Tenders        Cyrene    - Mountaineers
Eleusis   - Verdant Emissaries    Hashan    - Court Marshals
Mhaldor   - Slave Drivers         Targossas - Chaplains

These guides are entirely in character roles designed to assist newbies
from around level 20-60 in finding their footing in your factions as they 
learn about Achaea and take their first steps.

City Guides Should:
  Encourage city novices to meet one another,
  Encourage city novices to be in character and navigate the world in that format,
  Help city novices learn their way around their city,
  Help city novices to find their feet in the game once out of newbie lands,
  Help city novices to understand their faction,
  Assist with city tasks/city clan progress.

This role mostly begins when a novice has levelled past 20.
This role mostly ends when a novice has joined a House and gotten a mentor.
The leader of a city can appoint up to ten people to this role!

CITY GUIDE APPOINT <person>  - Appoint someone to the role.
CITY GUIDE DISMISS <person>  - Dismiss someone from the role
CITY GUIDE LIST              - List your appointed city guides.

CITY GUIDE AVAILABLE  - This places you on duty.
                       - QQ'ing or relogging will also clear this status.

  This allows a city guide to see another player's task list.
  To assist returning players in learning their way around, city guides may uncomplete certain tasks for players in their city. 
  Special tasks, and story-based progression tasks (visiting Beku, capturing Orgoraz, meeting with the companions, etc, cannot be uncompleted.
  Recompleting these tasks will not give repeat rewards.

CITY GUIDE COMPLETE <citizen> <task> 
  This is live now while we are in the system, but will be used in the future task rework!
  Please do not use this to skip people through tasks, tasks are important and we will know!

These chosen newbie helpers can earn up to 12 of their daily credits by being
"on duty" at a rate of 300 renown per hour.

You can be on duty for as long as you like, but you will only earn renown
for your first 4 hours on duty each day.
- Being on duty separates their names for easy recognition.
- On duty city guide CWHO highlights all sub level 60 characters and 
characters under age 21.
- On duty city guides can teach other members of their organisation any 
skills up to transcendent.

Admin Note:
On duty city guides should be paying attention. 
You can be hunting, questing, or doing other things, you do not have to sit 
in one static location. 

On duty city guides who go afk, who ignore requests for assistance, or who
otherwise abuse the position for other spurious means may find themselves 
banned from city guide status, mentorship, and worse.

All interaction when "on duty" should be appropriate for Achaea's PG13