Achaea Help Files

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During the Great War of the Child, the gods used the artefact called the Eye of Proteus to create relics in each city. Those relics are: the Weave of Conflict in Ashtan, the Fontis in Hashan, the Flames of Dawn in Targossas, the Fissure in Mhaldor, the Cauldron of Infinity in Eleusis, and the Icerune Crater in Cyrene.

When the cities were threatened by wild chaos, the true nature of these relics were revealed, as they came to the defence of their respective cities and formed Guardians to protect each city. Shortly after this, the relics created creatures which formed colonies throughout Sapience.

Each city may purchase one Guardian by the Minister of Defence or a Defence Aide. Only one Guardian per city may be in existence at any time. When a Guardian is summoned, the relic in its city is drained of power and must be refilled before a new Guardian may be purchased. To fill a city relic, kill a creature that was created by another city relic and PUT <creature> IN <relic>. 

The creatures that can be used to fill the relics are: things of chaos (Ashtan), lamassu (Hashan), fairies (Targossas), abominations (Mhaldor), flower maidens (Eleusis), and mountain drakes (Cyrene). (Note: the city name in parenthesis is where the creatures originated and may NOT be used to fill the relic in that city.)