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19.24.15 Blackwave Talismans

The "Blackwave" talisman set:
Talismans and pieces from this set can be obtained in the following ways:
- Promotions. This will always be announced via the relevant news when the
  pieces are currently available.
- Trading between players (pieces only)

The Blackwave set contains the following talismans:
A taper of eternity                 - TALISMAN INFO TAPER
   - Priced at 50 credits
   - Seal your letters with different coloured wax.
A ring of finality                  - TALISMAN INFO FINALITYRING 
   - Priced at 50 credits
   - This is a signet ring artefact themed for the Black Wave.
A grievous keyring                  - TALISMAN INFO GRIEVOUSKEYRING
   - Priced at 100 credits
   - A serpentine keyring themed for the Black Wave, including a custom reaction for when you place keys on it.
A subjectioner's spigot             - TALISMAN INFO BLACKSPIGOT
   - Priced at 400 credits
   - Expands your liquid rift capacity by three times the normal amount.
Sunless Hope                        - TALISMAN INFO SUNLESSHOPE
   - Priced at 600 credits
   - A prismatic ring themed for the Black Wave.
Vakha's Bribe                       - TALISMAN INFO BLACKCIRCLET
   - Priced at 850 credits
   - A circlet of determination themed for the Black Wave.

An experimenter's grimoire          - TALISMAN INFO BLACKGRIMOIRE
   - Priced at 2000 credits
   - A grimoire of hasty adaptation themed for the Black Wave.

Pedigree's Jewel                    - TALISMAN INFO JEWEL
   - Priced at 1000 credits
   - A gem of transmutation themed for the Black Wave.

A blank and bantam goblin           - TALISMAN INFO GOBLIN
   - Priced at 100 credits
   - A goblin created as a template for future modification.
   - This is used in conjunction with the smoked glass flask/amber ampoule.
        - Details for these can be found in HELP PROMO ITEMS.

Revelation's guise                  - TALISMAN INFO GUISE
   - Priced at 1200 credits
   - This guise functions as a deathmask artefact (with a different deathsight, of course). 
   - Second, during the night (while being worn) it will gain charge. This charge may be expended by BREATHE MIASMA. 
   - Doing so will cause everyone in the location to deliver a final strike when slain, causing damage to everyone else in the location. 
   - Note that this shall not trigger itself--if player1 kills player2 with the retributive strike, player2 shall not deliver a retributive strike of their own. That way lies madness!
   - However, for each strike that happens in a room, the next one is increased in power. Think of the possibilities!

A canopic jar                       - TALISMAN INFO CANOPIC
   - Priced at 1000 credits
   - This jar allows one to store their current defences within to recall them at a later time.
   - CLASP this jar to store your current defences for your current class.
   - OPEN JAR at any time to restore those defences.
   - Note that the defences are stored on a class by class (or classless!) basis.
   - Some defences are excluded (anything with a cooldown, windup, or other form of cost), and if you discover a way that this will help you in combat expect that to be changed.
   - Clasping is an aggressive act, so you'll be unable to store defences such as rebounding/shield/reflections, etc. 
   - OPENing the jar also requires you have full health and mana and carries a 5 minute cooldown. This cooldown is per person not per jar.

An apperception stone               - TALISMAN INFO APPPERCEPTIONSTONE
   - Priced at 1000 credits
   - GAZE INTO <stone> FOR <person> to look into a person's room as if you were standing directly alongside them. 
   - Note that a shimmering orb present on the ground will utterly thwart your efforts, as the obscuring powers are beyond even this artefact. 
   - Gazing takes 4 seconds of (modifiable) equilibrium.
Suremekh'neina                      - TALISMAN INFO SUREMEKH'NEINA
   - Priced at 2000
   - This legendary mantle conveys both a level 3 health and mana regeneration bonus.