Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


There are a handful of basic commands that most citizens may use. These are:

AIDES <ministry>       - See who the aides to a particular ministry are.
                         HELP <city> will show you the Ministers and the
                         Ruling Council.

CITIZENS               - Lists your city's active citizens.
CITIZENS DORMANT       - Lists your city's dormant citizens.
CITY CREDITSALE        - List of commands for city creditsales.
CITY ENEMIES <city>    - Lists all the enemies of the city.
                         (Only for cities other than your own.)
CITY ENEMIES [person]  - Lists all the enemies (or a specific one) of your own
CITY INFLUENCE ALL     - Lists top 3 houses in influence in all cities.
CITY INFLUENCE <city>  - Lists all houses in influence for one city.
CITY RELATIONS <city>  - See how a particular city feels about other cities. 
CITY RELATIONS HOSTILE - List relations that are hostile or at war,
                         including villages!
CITYENEMIES            - Lists your city's official enemies.
CONTEST                - Contest a member of the ruling council for their 
                         position. HELP ELECTIONS will tell you more.

CT <blah blah>         - Talk on the city channel.

CTOFF                  - Turn the city channel off.

CTON                   - Turn the city channel on.

CWHO                   - Lists which of your city's members are online
                         and on the same continent and plane.

DEPOSIT <amt> <city>   - Donates <amount> to your city. This must be
                         done at your city's bank.

READLOG <city> <starting point> <months back>
  This command will allow you to read the general log of your city. If you 
  wish to read from the beginning of this month's log, you may omit the last 
  two fields. If you wish to read from any point in this month's log, you may
  omit the last field. Months back should be how many months before the 
  current one you want to read. So, two months ago would be 2, last month 
  would be 1, etc. Logs are kept up to 10 months back.