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10.11 Armies and city soldiers

Armies exist as a formalised military force for a city, consisting of enlisted citizens who are the front line in the organisation's war efforts, both offensive and defensive.

Being a soldier opens up some permissions and benefits, such as:
   - Gaining rank and recognition for war-time efforts.
   - The ability to participate in sanctioned raids against other cities, laying waste to your enemy's home city. 
   - The ability to defeat and defuse enemy raids against your city, gaining rewards for you and your forces.
   - Reduced experience loss from being slain by soldiers from another city.
   - Soldiers at Army rank 3 and above will earn 100 renown per hour logged in up to 300 renown per day or until they hit cap (see HELP RENOWN.)

How to join
Joining your city's military is simple: seek out an aide to the war ministry and request conscription in the city's barracks.

How to gain rank
Your rank in the army is determined in a manner similar to other systems, such as city rank or experience level. During a sanctioned raid, performing certain offensive and defensive actions may increase your renown, such as killing an enemy, destroying rooms in the enemy city, or saving your own city's rooms from being destroyed. Gain enough renown, and you'll automatically be promoted to the next rank at certain thresholds.

The Defence Minister also has the ability to promote those within the army to a new rank for exceptional acts of valour and dedication.

Each rank carries with it increased powers and permissions, such as the ability to requisition tanks from the city stores or the ability to enact powerful offensive auras from the city's font.

How to resign
You can end your service in the city army at any time by entering ARMY RESIGN, provided your tour of service is concluded*.

Once you have resigned your commission, you will lose all rank and renown and will not be able to rejoin any military force for one Achaean year.

*A full tour of service lasts for 24 Achaean months, during which resignation is not possible. Exceptions are made once for those below level 50, after which subsequent conscription is subject to the same requirements.

Available commands
A list of commands available to soldiers in the city army, these are investible by the Minister of Defence and the Divine Patron at various ranks.

ARMYWHO        : List all available city soldiers.
ARMYTELL/ART   : Speak on your city's military channel.
ARMY MEMBERS   : List all enlisted soldiers.
ARMY RESIGN    : End your service in the city army.
ARMY RANK      : View your rank in the army.
ARMY LISTPOWERS: List available army powers

Other City Destruction-related commands can be found in HELP CITY DESTRUCTION.