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14.7 The Quest Log System

[See also: HELP QUESTS]

We have recently implemented a new system for quests in Achaea which will keep 
track of the quests you are working on.

When you obtain a quest that is part of this system, you will see a brief 
message that a quest has been added to your log. Simply type QUEST LOG to view 
all of your quests! After you have completed a quest, you will receive another 
brief message that you have done so, and it will be removed from your log.

   * If you do not wish to receive the notification when you have
     received or completed a quest, simply CONFIG QUESTHINTS OFF.

   * Quests in newbie areas, cities, and some low-level areas (such as
     Actar and the Great Rock) require you to say or emote "yes" in
     order to accept a quest. Quests in most other areas do not necessarily
     require you to do anything to accept the quest.

Please be aware that we are still adding many quests to the system at 
this time, so not all of them will be listed in your quest log right away.

The commands you can use with this system are as follows:

  QUEST                        - Show a syntax reminder.

  QUEST LOG [<area>]           - Show your active quests. You can add the 
                                 name of a particular area (for instance,
                                 QUEST LOG MINIA) to see only your active
                                 quests in that area.

  QUEST LOG COMPLETED [<area>] - Show all of the quests you have completed. 
                                 You can add the name of a particular area
                                 (for instance, QUEST LOG COMPLETED MINIA) to 
                                 see only the quests you have completed in
                                 that area.

  QUEST <#> DETAILS            - Show the details of a specific quest.

  QUEST <#> ABANDON            - Abandon a specific quest. Do this if you don't
                                 want to do the quest after all, or if you
                                 need to start it over for some reason.

                                 The quest will only be removed from your
                                 active quest log; if you have finished the 
                                 quest before, it will still be on your log of 
                                 completed quests.