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17.3.5 Sojourn

What is Sojourn?

Sojourn is a game devised by the Tsol'teth, intended to test their children on
matters of strategy and decision making.

Players take on the role of either Shallamese or Ashtani pilgrims, travelling
across Sapience from their home to Seleucar.

Beginning with modest supplies, few horses, and a healthy party of companions,
numerous decisions and choices will be presented along the way: these will
invariably help, hinder, or otherwise affect progress, and points are scored as
the game unfolds.

As time passes through the making of choices, supplies will be consumed.
Maintaining adequate provisions is essential to success: Sojourn CAN be lost.

How do I play?

Simply travel to the Balan'ukia fortress in the Underrealm, locate the Sojourn
board, and SOJOURN START. From there, a new game is initiated and all should
unfold quite clearly and intuitively.

Is there a time limit?

In short: no. A game of Sojourn lasts as long as is necessary for it to be
completed. You can safely step away from the board, leave the realms, or ignore
the game for a decade: when you return, all progress will be remembered.

Year 802 Games

From Sarapin 1st 802 until 25th Ero 802, all who have been sampled by the 
Tsol'teth are free to play Sojourn without limits. Scores will not be tracked
throughout this practice period.

From 1st Valnuary 802, competitors may play up to three Sojourn games: the
highest scoring of these three games determines the final score for Championship
Point purposes. 

During these official attempts, you CANNOT use SOJOURN START to quit the game and start over. You must see each one through.


SOJOURN START <city>     - Begins a game of Sojourn, as either Shallam or
                         - This may also be used to resign your current game
                           and start anew.
SOJOURN SCORE            - Displays your Sojourn score.
SOJOURN STATUS           - Displays useful information on your party, and any
                           relevant supplies or provisions you may have.
SOJOURN SHOW             - Repeats the current choices available to you.
SOJOURN SELECT <choice#> - Make a choice from the options presented to continue.
SOJOURN MAP              - Shows your current position on the journey.