Sojourn Details!


Sojourn is a new game added to the Championship games tournament by the Tsol’teth! Read on for the details of it and of the new XP event format!


Contenders who engage in Sojourn will find themselves in the shoes of Ashtani or Shallamese pilgrims, making the long journey to Seleucar and following the path taken in days of yore by these peoples.

Along the way you’ll need to make numerous decisions and choices that either help, hinder, or otherwise affect your progress toward the final destination, scoring points as you do so.

As Silon’ukia said: strategy and logical thinking is important!

To join the game, you will need to travel to Balan’ukia fortress in the Underrealm. There, you’ll find a Sojourn board and will be able to SOJOURN START.

The SOJOURN syntax has everything you need to know to play this game, and we’ve also created HELP SOJOURN to go into a bit more detail. Needless to say, we don’t want to reveal all of the specifics here.

Some rules:

– Sojourn is played solo, and Achaea remembers your progress with any active session.

– You are free to log out, afk, or leave the board entirely without resetting your progress. It should be possible to finish a full session in a modest amount of time, but you can take as long as you like on a choice.

– For the first week of the games, you can play as many Sojourn games as you like. This gives an ample amount of time to practice and get used to the new game style.

– In the second week of the games, Sojourn access becomes limited to 3 games per contender: these will be somewhat more difficult and varied than the practice mode, and the highest scoring of these three sessions will be your final score.

– During these official attempts, you CANNOT use SOJOURN START to quit the game and start over. You must see each one through.


This XP Event will be a 6 hour total hunting time which can be undertaken during the XP Event windows scheduled on UPCOMING.

You do NOT have to complete all 6 hours in one sitting, but you cannot hunt for less than 1 hour total at any one time.

XPEVENT JOIN will mark you as a participant and will begin your first hour-long hunting window.

XPEVENT ENTER will start one of your successive, hour-long bashing windows.
This will be for hour 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. Please use JOIN for the first hour.

XPEVENT WHO will lists players who are currently using their XPEVENT window.


See HELP XPEVENT for more details and a refresh of information!

One final note: Sampling is only required for participation in the Sojourn game, all other games are free to enter for anyone.