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Announce News Post #3772

Auctions - January 2013

Written by: Tecton, the Terraformer
Date: Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013
Addressed to: Everyone

We're pleased to announce the commencement of a string of new artefact
auctions! We have eight credit auctions for rare and one-off artefacts,
and six gold auctions for regular artefacts. Bidding remains open for
the next seven days, closing at approximately 23:59 GMT on the 28th of

Details of the auctions are as follows:

Credit Auctions
* Chenubian wings - Artefact wings with configurable exits
* Free choice of any Shop of Wonders artefact (past or present)
* A custom SHOUTing voice
* Custom DEATHSIGHT message when you slay another adventurer
* Landstrider's Visor - Expanded visibility radius on the
* 3 auctions for upgraded ship weapons that never decay or misfire

Gold Auctions
* Gem of cloaking
* Epicurean Sash
* Ogre's Gauntlets
* Pixie's Boots
* Hunter's Belt
* 5 globes of shifting continents

For more information on how the auction system works, take a read
through HELP AUCTIONS, and for more specific details of the items, check

Best of luck!

Penned by My hand on the 12th of Lupar, in the year 616 AF.

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