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19.3.4 zMUD and Voting and the Mapper

zMUD Vote Button
It's easy to make a VOTE alias or button for zmud. All the alias or button
needs is the value shown in step 4) below!

If you're not sure how to do this, here's the step-by-step for a button:

1) in zMUD, click on the 'Settings' icon, opening 'Settings in Memory'
2) on the 'settings in memory' page click on the little triangle next
   to the 'New' icon, and select 'New Button'
3) in the 'Edit Button' window, in the 'Caption' box, give the button a
   name, like 'VOTE' (or whatever you want)
4) in the 'Edit Button' window put this in the 'Value' box:


5) click on 'Save' on the right, near the green check mark.
6) close the 'Settings in Memory' 

To use the button, just click on it. When the browser opens and the page
loads, click in the box "Vote for this site and enter!"

zMUD Mapper
The zMUD mapper can be used in Achaea. To get the most out of zMUD's

- VERBOSE - use verbose descriptions in Achaea during configuration.
  This is _not_ necessarily needful while actually mapping, but
  can help during the configuration/setup steps for zMUD's mapper.
- use zMUD mapper's configuration steps as usual to configure it.

Once everything is set up, you may wish to use the following,
assuming you have zMUD 6.67 or later:

- To keep the mapper from trying to match the first line of the
  room description, open the map window, click on config, then 
  configuration settings, which will take you to the map preferences 
  window. Select speedwalking, then change the automatic room matching
  radio button to match room name.

The main thrust of the changes made recently is that the exits line (or lines)
will now always start at the beginning of a new line, and the brief description
at the top will now never end with a space (it used to, in cases where it
didn't end in "(road)").
The "(road)" entry is not shown while you are flying.