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5.21 Voice or Accent

You may either choose a voice, or an accent, in order to express yourself more
fully in Achaea. Choosing a voice clears your accent. Choosing an accent clears
your voice.

In either case, your accent or your voice are part of what you say or, more
specifically, how you say things, and are subject to all of the restrictions in

   SET VOICE  <description>   - chooses your voice. Punctuation marks OK.
   SET ACCENT <description>   - chooses your accent. Punctuation marks OK.

   SET VOICE CLEAR            - clears out both voice and accent altogether.
   SET ACCENT CLEAR           - (same!).

Be very careful on this one. It must be literally 'CLEAR', not 'clear',
because you might want to have a clear voice, no?

Three words, twenty-four characters, your imagination, COMMON SENSE, and

There are no accents or voices that change the things you say. So no lisps
that change from 's' to 'th', no problems with 'l' vs. 'r', etc.

SHOW ACCENT or SHOW VOICE will show you your current setting. Or just doing
SET ACCENT alone (or SET VOICE) will do the same.

Trying it Out
How does this work? Try:

   SET VOICE high-pitched, sibilant 

   SAY *haughtily to radekk hi :P

You will see:
   You stick out your tongue and say haughtily to Radekk, of Allington in a
high-pitched, sibilant voice, "Hi."

Or try:
   SET ACCENT low, guttural

   SAY what?

You will see:
   You say with a low, guttural accent, "What?"

Use common sense, and never anything OOC, in your voice or accent.