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11.7.19 Vastar, the Skylord

Omnipotent and infinite, Vastar manifests as the absolute amalgam of the 
Storm - for it is He who focuses the calamity, and He who affords
climatic repose.

Such is He who claims the mantle of the Skies, a fulcrum for boundless 
potential. Shrouded wonders, relentless danger, admirable glory, and untold
adventure await those who would seek the right to traverse His domain, 
soaring ever higher in the onerous quest for perfection. Worship of the 
Skylord demands reverence of the mercurial squall, cast into its influence 
at His behest - flung amongst the ceaseless winds, at the mercy of His will. 

To be of the Farethi is to venerate the Storm: devastation and destruction
of immeasurable liberty.