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23.19 The Ship Arena

(See HELP SHIPS, HELP SHIP WEAPONS, and everything else in HELP 23!)

Ship Arena is a special place where ships can enter combat with perfect
confidence! No matter who is sunk or harmed, excepting possibly crew(!), in the
end, all is as it was, and you return to Achaea unscathed.

The staging grounds for the ship arena are located on a crescent-shaped island
in the Eusian Ocean, just northeast of the harbour near Riparium. Simply sail
to the island and, from the staging grounds, SHIPARENA COMMISSION while holding
1000 gold in your hands.

Once an arena event has been commissioned, you may issue these commands:
SHIPARENA INIT  - initialise an event to be started later
SHIPARENA START - starts an initialised shiparena event
SHIPARENA END   - ends an event that has been initialised or started

Commands available to all players:
SHIPARENA JOIN  - join a shiparena event (enter while on your ship)
SHIPARENA QUIT  - quit a shiparena event
SHIPARENA WHO   - see which ships are currently in the ship arena

Everything else is as it is in Achaea proper: load, fire, board, and enter
combat as you will, excepting that ammunition is not used up, deaths are not
costly, and sinkings are automatically salvaged.

Should your ship be sunk during a battle in the arena, you will be returned 
to the mainland proper.