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17.1.5 The Runner - an arena game

The Runner is chosen by the sponsoring immortal or group. Any number of
contestants may enter this arena event, which is run as a FREEFORALL.

The object of the game is to be the one who kills the runner. Or, if you are
the runner, the object is to survive. The ultimate attainment for the runner is
to win the FREEFORALL.

The runner's final result is based on the duration of his survival and the
number of other contestants. The runner, and all the other contestants, may do
anything legal in the arena.

The one who kills the runner is measured on the time required to perform the

Only the runner and the one who kills the runner gain any rating as a result of
participating in the game.

What rating is that? For now, an informal record of how well you have done. A
sort of 'runner points' total.