Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


13.1    Combatprinciples Some basic information about combat.
   13.2    Preparation      Preparing for combat.
   13.2.1  Defence          Beneficial effects of plants and minerals.
   13.3    Defending        Defending yourself successfully.

   13.4    Weapons          Learn about the weapons in Achaea.
   13.4.1  Wielding         Wielding and wearing armour, clothing, and weapons.

   13.4.2  Proficiencies    Becoming adept at use of classes of weapons.
   13.4.3  Proficiency Teachers
   13.4.4  Scabbards        Sheathing, Drawing, and Scabbards.
   13.4.5  Buying Weapons   Where, how, what, in weapons and armour, to buy.

   13.5    Armour           Learn about armour in Achaea.
   13.6    Saferooms        Read about rooms which are safe, by Divine order.

   13.7    Heal             About healing, curing, afflictions, etc.
   13.7.1  Healinglist      A list of common natural and alchemical curatives.
   13.7.2  Afflictions      List of afflictions, and what cures them.
   13.7.3  Curing Balances  Waiting to cure again.
   13.7.4  Compose          About composing and concentrating.
   13.7.5  Smoking          Put this in your pipe and smoke it.
   13.7.6  Tinderboxes      Light my fire!
   13.7.7  Entanglement     How to WRITHE out of entanglement.
   13.7.8  Curingsystem     Set up a server-side curing system. Important!

   13.8    Denizencombat    Adventurer vs. denizen combat.
   13.9    Bodypartdamage   The system of body parts and damaging them.
   13.9.1  Target           The target command.
   13.10   Combattips       Some tips for success in combat.
   13.10.1 Fleeing          Fleeing combat.
   13.11   Combat_rankings  Are you good enough to be #1?
   13.12   Assassins        The ways and means of the Quisalis Mark.
   13.13   Champions        Avenge the weak.
   13.14   Contracts        And HIRING!
   13.15   Dauntless        The Dauntless!