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8.2.6 The Nemesian Vanguard

The ravenous manifestation of Ashtan's efforts to envelop Achaea in utter devastation, the Nemesian Vanguard are openly antagonistic towards Order.
Without mercy or remorse, they strive to remind all those who oppose Ascension of the futility of their actions. The absolute realisation that Chaos shall reign will echo across Sapience at the behest of the Vanguard.
Embracing the teachings of Mastery, Ruthlessness, and Havoc, the Vanguard moulds its ranks into steadfast warriors always first on the scene imposing the will of the Chaos Court and leaving nothing but ruin in their wake.
With the inevitability of Dominion on the horizon, the Nemesians actively stir discord throughout the world, working in concert with the subtler and more methodical machinations of their peers to undermine this ordered world and bring glory and power to Ashtan. Completion of the Nemesian Trials ushers forth brash fighters, strategic leaders, and virulent ideologues. Together, they are the outward overwhelming, unapologetic force of Ashtan.