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12.11.8 Tenwat Prison

Far to the north, the ice- and sea-bound ruins of Tenwat Prison loom high over
the crashing waves that nearly surround it. Once used by a corrupt Archprelate
of the Church to house political dissidents as well as execute and torture
heretics of all sorts, the prison has not been used for these purposes for over
a millennium.

Upon the rediscovery of the prison largely forgotten to history, far more was
found than the crumbling remains of an ancient, ruined complex. Within the
pulsing halls of Tenwat roam horrific creatures bound eternally to the prison
by some inexplicable power. The mutated prisoners and guards trapped within the
bleak compound have been driven through despair into the depths of utter
madness, railing and cursing endlessly at the very prison walls that seem to
thrive on the misfortune of its inhabitants.