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The art of Tekura was first developed more than 600 years ago, long before the
fall of the Selucarian Empire. A sect of monks was being persecuted by some of
the legions of the Empire and the monks were not permitted weapons to defend
themselves. So, they were forced to train their bodies to martial perfection;
their hands and feet becoming deadly weapons in and of themselves.

Most of the tekura abilities are affected by a variety of factors. First,
being in a stance modifies the damage and speed of each tekura attack. You
will always want to be in some stance or another while using tekura. Second,
the higher your tekura, the more likely you are to hit an opponent with a
particular attack, and the more damage you will do with that attack.

The advancement system of Tekura is a bit different from the other skills. You
may progress to a certain level in the skill, and then you must be tested to
see if you are worthy of a new belt. A test consists of successfully
completing a kata, or a series of moves, in front of someone who is either a
black belt, or at least three belts above you. If you cannot find a fellow 
adventurer who is qualified to grade you, you may ask a denizen tutor with:
ASK <denizen> GRADING. Denizen tutors can only grade you as high as the silver
belt, however.

If you have located a sensei adventurer to grade you, the sensei must type
GRADE <your name> to grade you.

At any time, you may DEMONSTRATE <kata> (of the katas you know) to show off
your mastery of it. 

Belt levels:
1) White
2) Grey
3) Yellow
4) Green
5) Blue
6) Orange
7) Red
8) Purple
9) Bronze
10) Silver
11) Gold
12) Black

1) Jakata
2) Lisagi
3) Rhee
4) Philos
5) Tykorima
6) Opha
7) Nexus
8) Kali
9) Do-san
10) Rhythos
11) Krull