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19.24 Talismans

Talismans are special kinds of items whose pieces must first be gathered in
order to create them. The completed Talisman then grants permanent or temporary
power to the owner. For instance, if a Dragon completes the Black Dragon
Talisman, that adventurer will now be able to choose to change into that type
of Dragon as well as whatever colour of Dragon they had chosen previously.

The basic command for dealing with Talismans is TALISMAN. Typing that on its
own will show you the syntax for the various Talisman commands.

Each Talisman is composed of two or more Pieces of a particular level. Each
Piece you acquire has a level to it, from 1 to 20. Two Pieces of the same level
may be combined into a Piece of one level higher. For instance, two level 3
pieces will create a level 4 piece, and similarly, you can break a level 4
piece apart into two level 3 pieces.

Pieces, like most Talismans, are not normal items - you can't give them, wield
them, put them in your backpack, drop them, or so on. All interaction with them
is done through the base Talisman command.

You can acquire Pieces in two ways: buying from/trading with other players, or
by killing denizens that have a chance of dropping Pieces. However, there is no
way to know which denizens have a chance to drop which kinds of pieces by just
looking at them. Only experience and the wisdom of your fellow adventurers can
help you there. 

Whole talismans

Certain talismans are available for purchase as a full artefact item from the
shops in Delos. These are obtained via bound credits and do not require
individual pieces to be completed (except via partial completion, see below).

Partial completion

Talismans available in the talisman shop are also available for partial

If you have two or three pieces of a talisman in the death item you can
TALISMAN COMPLETE PARTIAL <talismanname> to complete it for the remainder
of the bound credit value of the item as it is in the Delosian Talisman shop.
Talismans completed in this manner will have an altered tradein that
reflects its credit worth, including the credit purchased completion.
    You have: cruciblebase and cruciblebowl.
    You use TALISMAN COMPLETE PARTIAL CRUCIBLE and pay 500 bound credits.
       This is half the cost of the crucible in the shop because you already
       have half of the pieces.

    You get: a completed soulfire crucible talisman.
    This item has a tradein value of: 346 bound credits.
       This is 2/3rds of 520 credits (The 500 credits paid above, plus your 2
       pieces valued at 10 credits each.)


TALISMAN PIECES - Shows you what Pieces you have.

TALISMAN COMBINE <piece_keyword> <piece_level> - Lets you combine two identical
pieces into one of a higher level.

TALISMAN SPLIT <piece_keyword> <piece_level> - Splits a piece into two pieces a
level lower than it.

TALISMAN TRADE PIECE <piece_keyword> <piece_level> TO <adventurer> FOR
<piece_keyword|amount|nothing> [piece_level] <GOLD>

That last one deserves a bit of explanation. The beginning should be clear
enough, but the end of the command may be a little confusing. You can trade FOR
BLACKDRAGONCLAW 3 to trade for a level 3 Black Dragon Claw, or you could trade
FOR 1000 GOLD or you could trade FOR NOTHING to just give it away. Additionally, see HELP TALISMANMARKET for an alternative way to trade talisman pieces with other adventurers.

TALISMAN LIST will show you a list of Completed Talismans, Incomplete
Talismans, Talisman Sets (more on that later), and any completed Talismans that
are physically in your inventory. 

TALISMAN INFO <talisman name> will show you information about a particular
Talisman, including the Piece requirements to complete it.

TALISMAN COMPLETE <talisman> will let you complete a Talisman if you have the
correct Pieces and, in many cases, if you are in the correct room. It's up to
you to decipher where you must be to complete a Talisman if a particular room
for completion is required.

Completing a Talisman will do one of two things: It will either create an item
in your inventory (a physical Talisman item) or it will simply grant you a
permanent power.

TALISMAN POWERS will show you the Talisman-derived powers you have.

In the case of a Talisman that produces a physical item in your inventory,
you'll find that you either have a passive power available to you as long as
it's in your inventory, or that you'll have to USE <Talisman item in your

Talisman Sets
Most, but not all, Talismans are part of Sets. A Set of Talismans is a
thematically-related group of them, and completing all the Talismans in that
set will yield you yet another Talisman. 

TALISMAN SET <set name> - Will show you the details of a specific talisman set.

Once you've completed at least one of each Talisman in a Set, you can TALISMAN
ACTIVATE <set>, which will grant you whatever reward there is for completing
that Set.

For instance, completing the Dragon set of Talismans (the first set to be
released) will allow someone who is already level 99 to Dragonform much more
quickly than previously, and will allow them to select from five new enter/exit
messages for their Dragonformed character.

Talisman Refining
This command allows you to refine 3 or more PROMOTIONAL SOURCED talisman pieces
and receive one back based on their total rarity. A few caveats you should be
aware of:

   - You can only do this once per 24 hours.
   - Refined component pieces have a capped worth.
     This means you'll not want to refine your super rare pieces: past a
     certain point they won't be worth more. This mechanic is intended as a 
     way to get rid of your common duplicates with a chance at a better piece.
   - The piece you receive from refining is of a new source type: 
     REFINE source. 
     This source CAN NOT be traded in.
   - Only level 1 talisman pieces can be used in refining.

We recommend not refining pieces that have significant value (less than 150
credits worth per piece is good margin) as refining is not a guarantee that
you will get back a piece that is rarer than what you refined, just that you
will get a rare piece.