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17.1.13 Spars and Duels, SPARON/OFF, and SPARWHO

   SPARWHO          - look at the list.
   SPARON/OFF       - you're on the list, asking for a spar (in arena).
   SPARON DUEL      - you're on the list, asking for a duel (out of arena).
   DUELON/OFF       - same as SPARON DUEL.
   SPAROFF          - you're off the list.

SPARWHO is the command to list fellow Achaeans who have indicated their
willingness to find a sparring partner. You will _always_ see your own name
because as soon as you type SPARWHO, you are added to the list automatically.

SPARON adds your name to the list. With an optional DUEL, you can indicate that
you'd prefer an out-of-arena duel rather than an in-arena spar. You can also
enter DUELON to put yourself in the list as with SPARON DUEL.

SPAROFF removes your name from the list.

Only mortals will be displayed in the spar list. Everybody who has entered
SPARON will show on the list, even if shrouded, invisible, on another plane,
phased, not on Sapience, in a newsroom, etc.

Your spar setting is cleared if you leave the realms, meaning that you must use
the SPARON command every time you visit the realms, assuming you wish to be on
the list.