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4.16 Showing info about another person in the realms: HONOURS

The main way to see information about someone else is via HONOURS. With very
few exceptions, if the information isn't in HONOURS, then there's no
generally-available way of getting it.


   HONOURS adventurer
   HONOURS BRIEF adventurer
   HONOURS B adventurer

   HONOURS FULL adventurer
   HONOURS F adventurer
   VIEW HONOURS adventurer

   HONOURS DEEDS adventurer
   HONOURS D adventurer

Use HONOURS (same as HONOURSB) to see some publically available information.
HONOURSF shows somewhat more information. Example HONOURS FULL Isildur:

   Isildur, the Iceman (male Rajamala).
   He is 305 years old, having been born on the 20th of Daedalan, 157 years
   after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire.
   He is unranked in Achaea.
   He is an extremely credible character.
   He is not known for acts of infamy.
   He is a Satrap in Shallam.
   He is considered to be approximately 85% of your might.
   He is an Itinerant in the Fellowship of Explorers.
   He is the clan head of the clan called 'The Devout.'
   He is a mentor and able to take on proteges.
   His warcry: 'Tis merely a fleshwound'
   He was the first mortal since the fall of the Seleucarian Empire to wield
   the staff of Nicator, winning it by triumph in the Year 200 events.

The final line or lines relating to public honours gained, such as Isildur's
wielding of the Staff of Nicator, will not be displayed in HONOURS or HONOURSB.
The use of HONOURS DEEDS or HONOURS D will give you only the lines of their