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23.6 Ship Repair

How the Need for Repair Comes About
Nearly everything experiences some decay or wear over time or with use. Ships
are no exception. The primary elements of ships that decay are sails and the
hull. For the aspect of use, sails and hull decay slowly as the ship moves
around. For the aspect of time, sails and hull also decay by simply existing
out in wind and weather, though much more slowly if docked in a harbour. NOTE:
this means that leaving your ship docked at shallows for a very long time might
also be a problem. The decay by just existing (over time) is MUCH less than
decay from actual use, so it's not like you can't anchor at shallows for even
several months without much to be concerned about.

To put it another way, your ship's decay will be:
HIGH             - moving around (aka: at sea);
LOW              - anchored outside a harbour; and
RIDICULOUSLY LOW - anchored in a harbour

Repairs with Shipmates
Hire shipmates like you hire other crew - at harbours. Unlike crewmen, who are
always running around doing something in the rigging, or below decks, shipmates
spend their time where you can see them - on deck. These are living denizens
who might need protection from mishap or death.

With any number of these shipboard sail menders and hull repairmen, any ship
will be able to give the order and commence repairs at no additional cost,
excepting time.

Repairs go somewhat faster in harbour. You must have at least one shipmate to
commence repairs.

                                      Most That'll Do
                      Recommended     Any Good at All
                      -----------     ---------------
For a War Galley          15                50
For a Seastrider           8                40
For a Windcutter           3                15

Repairs are faster the more shipmates you have on board. More shipmates (beyond
"Most That'll Do Any Good at All") won't make things go any faster.

Shipmates on Board
At the moment there is no way to station your shipmates to a specific location
on your ship.


Maintenance Repairs by Deckhands
Skilled deckhands can provide repairs also, just like shipmates. The operative
term here is MAINT (or MAINTAIN, or MAINTENANCE). Try that to see your options.

Weapon Repair
Weapons through use and time will fall into disrepair. You can extend the life
of your weapons by doing repairs to them. SHIP WEAPONREPAIR <weapon> will cost
you a few commodities per repair performed. To do the repairs you will need: 1
wood, 1 rope, and 1 iron.

Clear Rigging
Some types of onager ammunition, when fired at a ship will stop all benefits
from the ship sails until an adventurer has climbed up into the rigging and
CLEARed the RIGGING. Those with a specialisation in deckhand will have a bonus
when clearing the rigging.