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16.12 Shallam, Jewel of the East

Known throughout Sapience as the Jewel of the East, the ancient city of Shallam
was ravaged in 612 by the combined forces of Bal'met, the Worldreaver.

Founded in the southeastern part of Sapience and situated at the bottom of the
verdant Pash Valley, the city of Shallam stood as a golden beacon to those who
gathered together under the banner of Good. As one of the oldest cities in the
realm, sharing that title only with Ashtan, Shallam possessed a legacy that
spanned thousands of years. Evolving from a small settlement founded by Sahart
and his followers into a centre of culture and art, the city flourished over
the years, its five great houses complementing one another along a common path.
These houses were the Dawnstriders, the Crystalline Circle, the Empyreal
Assembly, the Templars, and the Sentaari.