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Often people need to buy credits from other adventurers (or sell them) for
in-game gold. This can be accomplished using the command:

   TRANSFER <x> CREDITS TO <person> FOR <x> GOLD

(See HELP CREDITS for more information.) However, often it is inconvenient to
arrange a meeting with the other party or you'd rather just see exactly who's
offering credits for the best price. The "credit market" allows an adventurer
to easily see the current price for credits and automatically buy them for the
lowest going rate. You can also set aside some of your own credits for sale at
any price you choose, even while you're away from the realm. To use the credit
market, use the following commands:

   CREDIT[S] - lists all the command options below.

      See a summary of your credits. I.e. how many you're selling, and how
      many you have left.

      Display the main board listing how many credits are available to be
      purchased and at what price. Should be noted that the average sale price
      is the average at which they have been purchased at not the average of
      the credits for sale currently.

      If you really must see all offers, including the ridiculous ones for
      100 times the going rate, do this!

   CREDIT[S] BUY <number> AT <max gold per credit>
      This will attempt to buy the specified number of credits, as normal 
      credits, while not spending more than a given amount on each. So, for 
      example, if you do not wish to spend more than 3000 gold per credit 
      but would like to buy up to 10, you could do: CREDITS BUY 10 AT 3000. 
      If there are any for sale for less than that number, it will buy those
      first. NOTE: You must have the gold for purchases in your inventory 
      (not in a pack) and if you run out of gold, you'll only purchase as many 
      as you can afford. Also, when buying credits, it will skip any that you 
      may have for sale (it'd be awfully silly to buy them from yourself 
      wouldn't it?).

   CREDIT[S] SELL <number> AT <gold per credit>
      Put some credits up for sale. The credits put into the market this way
      cannot be used for other things. To cancel an offer to sale (and recover
      the credits for use elsewhere, use CREDITS SELL NONE). You can only
      have one batch of credits for sale at a time, if you change the price,
      it will nullify your previous sale offer and create a new one at the
      new price. 

      As an additional security measure if you are a citizen of any city and 
      have a bankaccount setup in your home city then the gold from credit 
      sales will automatically be deposited to your account. If you would 
      like to specify checking a different city for your bank account you can
      with CONFIG CREDITPROCEEDS <city>. If you specify NONE or HOME for a
      city, it will default back to the city you are a citizen of.
      If you are not a citizen or do not have a bankaccount in your home
      city (or your custom city from above if specified) then all proceeds
      from sales will go directly into your inventory.

      This will remove your offer to sell and make available any remaining
      credits you have from the sale.