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11.7.15 Scarlatti, the Great Bard

God of the Arts, Scarlatti is the Great Bard, whose Realm is the fantastic
possibility that one can re-shape the Fabric of Reality to reflect and realise
what they have imagined. Gentle in His manner, convivial in company, yet
demanding of His followers, it is said that Scarlatti's temperament is
unpredictable, but always serious in the pursuit of creative perfection. He
teaches the Balance of the Artistic Precepts: 

Discipline - Development of technique takes time, pain, sweat, and driven
dedication. An artist's unceasing pendulum of ego must constantly swing between
self-doubt, so they can critique honestly and recognise what they must improve,
and self-confidence, so they can stand before the world and be judged on their
own merit. 

Imagination - To transform reality, one must be able to imagine it as something
it is currently not and re-imagine it again and again. Simply replicating what
one has experienced is not enough. An artisan has the capacity to dream of the
unknown and to conjure the unthinkable. A master artisan has the capacity to
dream of a thousand unknown and impossible realities. 

Passion - An artist must learn to temper their passion into their works of Art,
to balance emotions, convey their power, to channel memories and feelings, and
to understand how others experience them. By infusing their work with emotional
colours, they are pouring in something of themself- their own artistic essence.

While symbolism abounds in His realm, above all His mark is recognised by the
golden lyre, which is mastered only through discipline; the quill, with barbs
on its calamus as numerous as an artist's ideas; and the palette, whose shades
embody the range of mortal and Divine emotion.