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17.2.8 Riddles, Conundrums, Puzzles, and the like!

RIDDLE JOIN (if one is active)

Riddle Overview
  I. What to do
 II. Commands
III. Notes and examples
 IV. Rules and restrictions

I. What to do
Riddles are a game played across Achaea. All may play.

The main command is RIDDLE. Use it to see what's going on, including the
current clue if a challenge is active. If a riddle is not active, then RIDDLE
will tell you the winners of the previous event.

If a riddle IS active, you must RIDDLE JOIN in order to be involved in the
current riddle.

The riddle's clue will lead you to two things:
   1 - an answer, and
   2 - a place to guess it.

Read the clue VERY carefully. Decide what the answer is. Sometimes the clue
leads you to a place to get more information. Go there and get the information!

Once you've decided on the answer, you should now determine WHERE you need to
be to RIDDLE GUESS. The clue will lead you to the right place to be.

Go to the proper place, then RIDDLE GUESS the answer to the riddle.
Example: if you want to guess "red green blue" then you would

   RIDDLE GUESS red green blue

You'll know if you got it right. Really, you will!

II. Commands
RIDDLE JOIN              -   Join the current riddle. Now you'll hear
                             added clues and be able to use RIDDLE GUESS.

RIDDLE                   -   Shows the current clue, winners, how many
                             times you've guessed, and other info.

RIDDLE GUESS             -   Guess the answer to the riddle.

RIDDLE HISTORY [n]       -   Shows previous riddles and winners.
                             If 'n' is present, only show that riddle.

RIDDLE QUIT              -   Quit the current riddle.

III. Notes and Examples
Make sure you wait till you're in the proper place before you guess!
Watch the word count! Often, the clue will tell you how many words.

RIDDLE GUESS - doesn't care about capitalisation, punctuation, or certain
common small words such as a, an, the.  So these two guesses are the same:

   RIDDLE GUESS Nevaharr, Tezlari-tarin, and Matic
   RIDDLE GUESS nevaharr tezlaritarin matic

RIDDLE HISTORY 12 - show the 12th riddle.
RIDDLE HISTORY    - show all riddles in history.

IV. Rules and Restrictions
Don't tell anybody the answer, or any part of it!

Working as a team is discouraged, but allowed. We'd prefer you didn't, because
it's very hard to stop sharing information once you've started.

If you ARE working together as a team, and share information, just share
INFORMATION, not answers. Example: if Jeff goes to Shallam to see what's for
sale in a certain shop, and Jillian goes to Ashtan to see what's for sale in a
certain shop, then each may tell each other what was found, and nothing more.

Don't help with deductions. Don't give away locations.

If it's a piece of information that is publicly available at all times to
anybody, don't discuss it at all.

For example, a recent riddle asked you to count how many artefacts honoured the
original home valley of humanity. Finding out the name of the original home
valley of humanity requires reading the histories. So about all you could tell
someone would be "read the histories." The information is publicly available,
and doesn't require special access of any kind.