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10.3.1 Resigning - city leadership, city ruling council, armies

(See HELP ELECTIONS, HELP 10.1, HELP 10.2, HELP 10.3)

Resign is used to quit certain city positions:
  RESIGN AS SOLDIER OF CITY            - leave your city's military.
  RESIGN AS <pos'n> OF CITY [CONFIRM]  - quit city leadership or city
  RESIGN AS <pos'n> OF HOUSE [CONFIRM] - quit house leadership.

To resign as the leader of Eleusis: RESIGN AS SPEAKER OF CITY
To resign from the ruling council of Cyrene: RESIGN AS SENATOR OF CITY.
To resign from your House leadership: RESIGN AS LEADER OF HOUSE.

If you are the city leader, you may not resign your ruling council post until
AFTER you have resigned as the city leader. You must first resign your position
as the city leader, then you may keep your ruling council post, or else resign
it as well.

House leaders may resign even if ascendant. The ascendant position will remain
vacant if vacated by your resignation. If you are not the ascendant, but your
resignation means the current ascendant has insufficient support, then the
position of ascendant will also be vacated.

If you have a successor when you resign, then the successor should take your

(See HELP ELECTIONS, HELP 10.1, HELP 10.2, HELP 10.3)