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3.5.1 READNEXT (RN), RNA, and NEWS

Available at all times and from anywhere, the command READNEXT or RN permits
you to review all new messages in all news sections to which you have access.

The analogue of READNEXT, READPREVIOUS or RP allows you to review the news
posts in reverse order, starting from the most recently read news post in a

You may optionally include names of sections which you do NOT wish to review at
this time, in this manner:

RN poetry         (shows all sections EXCEPT poetry)
RP public meets   (shows all sections EXCEPT public and meets)

You must use the exclusions, if any, every time you enter an RN or RP command,
assuming you want to continue to exclude or defer those sections. You may use
as many exclusions as you wish.

READNEWS <section> <number> is also an option. (See HELP NEWS)

RNA - if you've recently used RN, RNA will re-display the last
      post you saw with RN. (RNA - "RN Again")