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17.1.6 Rampage Arena Game

Rampage games are arena-based, combat-oriented events. Much like the
Freeforall event, the Rampage game includes pretty much endless combat, with
the primary goal being to destroy all other competitors by whatever means.

The difference is that death in a Rampage event does not always knock you out
of the running. For the first period of the event, what we have gently dubbed
the "bloodbath," you will immediately return to the arena upon death.

At some point during the Rampage event, there will be a switch to the rules of
a normal freeforall, and death will knock you out of the event until the last
person is standing and declared victor!

Like all Arena events, ES, or EVENTSTATUS will show you the status of the

LEAVE RAMPAGE if you need to leave the Rampage game at any time, 

Read HELP ARENA for more information on the Arena and related commands.