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As the Lord of Wealth, Prospero shares with His followers an intense passion for
the finer things in life. His tastes run the gamut from priceless jewellery to
rare and expensive ores, and He stores these acquisitions within His vault on the
Isle of Delos.

However, He views Wealth as an abundance of anything valuable, and teaches those
who follow Him that personal Wealth can be different for each individual -
whether material items, knowledge of any sort, culture, or personal
relationships. From any sort of wealth also comes power, in various mutable
forms, and the finer and most tactful use of this authority falls under the
domain of Prospero. Prospero's followers tend to be hard-working merchants and
the heirs of wealthy families, though anyone who answers the siren's song of a
well-polished sovereign or an excess of their chosen value is familiar with the
God of Wealth.