Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


Extensive as the Achaean system of help scrolls clearly is, some organisations insist on creating their own special additions. We accomodate these: cities, Houses, clans, and Orders. When you see *HELP below, substitute the proper term depending on the organisation in question. To wit:
  cities:   CITYHELP or CHELP
  clans:    CLANHELP or CLHELP
  Houses:   HOUSEHELP or HHELP
  Orders:   ORDERHELP or OHELP

Commands For Any Org Member
*HELP <scroll>                    - Shows you a particular help scroll.
*HELP INDEX [limits]              - Shows an index/list of help scrolls.

Commands for Privileged Org Members
*HELP DELETE <scroll>               - Deletes the help scroll with that name.
*HELP EDIT <scroll>                 - Creates or changes a help scroll(*).
*HELP RENAME (old name) (new name)  - Rename an existing help scroll.
*HELP SETPERMS <scroll> <perms>     - Sets new perms(**) on the scroll.
*HELP SHOWPERMS <scroll>            - Shows current perms(**) on the scroll.
*HELP SETPERMS|SHOWPERMS            - Special index listing with perms (***).
*HELP CATEGORY ADD <cat>            - Create a new category for helpfiles.
*HELP CATEGORIES                    - List your helpfile categories.
*HELP CATEGORY RENAME <name> <new>  - Rename a helpfile category.
*HELP CATEGORY <helpfile> <cat>     - Assign a helpfile to a category.
*HELP CATEGORY <helpfile> NONE      - Remove a helpfile from a category.

CLANHELP pricelist
HHELP DELETE directions

With the *HELP INDEX command, you may limit what you see, or just see all the scrolls visible to you.

Specify limits as follows:

CITYHELP INDEX 3+          
 - Only city scrolls that are for rank 3 or over.
 - Only house scrolls for ranks 5 or under.
 - Only city scrolls for Ministry of Defence, and only if you are in that Ministry.
 - All order scrolls visible to you, for any rank to or below yours.

 HHELP INDEX P2             
 - Only the officeholder or aide to position 2.
 HHELP INDEX PN             
 - Only the newcomerhead or aide to same.

(*) Who can edit/delete/setperms/showperms?
 Any organisational patron, or:
  Cities:   Ruling council and any Minister can edit/delete.
  Clans:    Clan head and those the clanhead allows can edit.
  Houses:   House Leaders and those with house authority to edit/delete.
  Orders:   Patron and those granted the power to edit/delete.

(**) Permissions
Permissions are the way to restrict access to a help scroll.
The following are valid permissions:
 leader        - only org leader may see (Overseer, Houselord, Clan leader etc.)
 ambassador    - only ministers or aides in these ministries may see.
 defence       - only ministers or aides in these ministries may see.
 interior      - only ministers or aides in these ministries may see.
 treasurer     - only ministers or aides in these ministries may see.
 culture       - only ministers or aides in these ministries may see.
 0             - unrestricted. Anybody may see.
 1             - only those of rank 1 or higher may see.
 2             - only those of rank 2 or higher may see.
 ...           (to as high a rank as the organisation supports)
 PN            House Newcomerhead (or aide)
 P1 (..P5)     Position 1..5 (clan/house, officeholder or aide)
 P6 (..P10)    Position 6..10 in a clan.

(***) Special Permissions Listing
0 means "anybody can see".
1 means org rank 1 and above only can see.
2 means org rank 2 and above only can see.
(and so forth up to the max rank for your org.

M1 means ambassador ministry only can see.
M2 is culture ministry.
M3 is interior ministry.
M4 is defence ministry.
M5 is finance ministry.

PN is House Newcomerhead or aide.
P1 is position 1, officeholder or aide, clan or house.
P2 is position 2, officeholder or aide, clan or house.
P5 is position 5, officeholder or aide, clan or house.
P6 is position 6, clan.
P10 is position 10, clan.

Command Links

In addition to your normal text, it is possible to specify a command links that will appear for players using MXP, for easier redirection to skills, ability files, or other help files. This is done as follows:

   [[Text|HELP TEXT]]

The above would appear as "Text" in your helpfile, and would open HELP TEXT whenever a reader clicked on the text. If you want to use brackets in your helpfiles without creating links, simply preempt any double brackets with a backslash, i.e. "\[[".

An example of what you mind write into a help scroll might be:

The most useful way to avoid being robbed is with [[SELFISHNESS|AB SURVIVAL SELFISHNESS]]!

Currently, these links will work for SKILLS, ABILITIES, HELP, CHELP, HHELP, OHELP, and CLHELP. We have done what we can to ensure command links cannot be used to manipulate other players. If you find a way to do so, please report it via the BUG command immediately.

As a general rule, any extraneous decoration made with text is going to be horrible for our screenreader users. ASCII is a common problem, but this also includes text made up of characters to create larger shapes, borders, and decorative linebreaks. Please don't "decorate" your organisational help scrolls.