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6.38 Organisational Crimes System

The org crimes system is used to define template crimes for enemies to be
charged with.  This feature is available to cities, houses, orders
and high clans.

When defining a crime, you can give it a name, a fine, and a term. When an
enemy is charged with the crime, these figures are then automatically set on
the charge record.

Currently only members of an organisation who can enemy/unenemy people can
create, delete, or change crimes but any member of the organisation can view
the list.

    <org> CRIMES LIST
        List all the currently configured crimes for your organisation.

    <org> CRIMES NEW <name of crime>
        Create a new crime with the specified name.*

    <org> CRIMES <crime id> DELETE
        Delete a predefined crime. Does not remove any charges based off this.

    <org> CRIMES <crime id> FINE
        Set the fine amount for a crime. Must be an amount in gold sovereigns
        or SPECIAL.**

    <org> CRIMES <crime id> TERM
        Set the term length for a crime. Must be an amount in Achaean years or

    <org> CRIMES <crime id> RENAME <new name>
        Change a predefined crime to a new name.*

    <org> CRIMES <crime id> MOVEUP [TOP|#]
        Move the specified crime up the list of crimes for your organisation.

    <org> CRIMES <crime id> MOVEDOWN [BOTTOM|#]
        Move the specified crime down the list of crimes for your organisation.

In the above, <org> can be HOUSE, CITY, ORDER, or CLAN.

As this is an IC system, language and insanity rules apply.

* Crimes may only contain letters or numbers and can not be more than 30
characters in length.
** If you charge someone with a crime that has a SPECIAL fine or a PERMANENT
term, only the leader or patron of the organisation can drop this charge.