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6.37 Organisational Charges System

The org charges system is used to charge a person with a crime against your
organisation. This feature is available to cities, houses, orders and
high clans.

When charging a player, you can specify either a predefined crime (See HELP
CRIMES) or specify a custom charge name.*  Once a charge is laid, you can edit
the fine, term, and date. You can also add notes to the log of a charge.

Currently only members of an organisation who can enemy/unenemy people can
create, edit, or drop charges but any member of the organisation can view the
list of active charges. Only the leader or patron of an organisation can drop
charges with a fine of SPECIAL or a term of PERMANENT.  When unenemying a
person, all charges are automatically dropped and because of this, enemies
charged with a PERMANENT term or SPECIAL fine can only be unenemied by the
organisation leader or patron.

The reason for enemying and unenemying is logged in the charge history for the

The history of inactive charges will be retained for a period of 200 IC years
at which time they will be removed.

    <org> CHARGE <person> WITH <charge>
        e.g. <org> CHARGE Tenebrus WITH Petty Theft

    <org> CHARGE MULTIPLE <person> <count> <charge>
        lay multiple instances of the same crime against a person at once.

    <org> CHARGE HISTORY <person>
        Show the charges history of the enemy.

    <org> CHARGE LIST [person]
        Show the list of current charges for the org and optional person.

    <org> CHARGES SUMMARY <person>
        Show a breakdown of how many of each charge have been laid against 
        the specified person.

    <org> CHARGE <charge number> HISTORY
        Show the history of only the specified charge.

    <org> CHARGE <charge id> FINE <amount>
        Set a numerical fine amount in golden sovereigns or SPECIAL. Special
        reparations can be listed in the Notes.**

    <org> CHARGE <charge id> TERM <amount>
        Minimum term of enemy status in Achaean years or PERM[ANENT]**

    <org> CHARGE <charge id> NOTES <text>
        Any additional comments that are relevant to enemying.

    <org> CHARGE <charge id> DATE <date of crime>
        Not required, but can be used to backdate a charge against a person.
        Can not be used to future date a charge. Date must be in the format of
        'dd mmm yyy' or '10 Ero 598'

    <org> CHARGE <charge id> DROP <reason>
        Ability to drop a charge with a logged reason.

        Ability to search for charges that have a term of permanent, a fine
        of special, both, or any charges of a specific type.

        NOTE: HOUSE CHARGE SEARCH TYPE The will find any charges that start
        with 'The' like 'Theft' or 'Theocratic misguidance'.

    <org> CHARGE DROPALL <person> <reason>
        Ability to drop all charges at once with a logged reason.

In the above, <org> can be HOUSE, CITY, ORDER, OAKSTONE, or CLAN.

As this is an IC system, language and insanity rules apply.

* Charges may only contain letters or numbers and can not be more than 30
characters in length.
** If you charge someone with a crime that has a SPECIAL fine or a PERMANENT
term, only the leader or patron of the organisation can drop this charge.