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12.5.3 New Thera

Once famous as the birthplace of Nicator, the town of Thera was one of the most
ancient settlements in Sapience, as old as Ashtan and Shallam themselves. The
original town was devastated when fiery meteors were brought down by magelords
of an alien race called the Vertani. After many decades of lying in ruin,
descendants of those killed by the Vertani's act of war began the slow process
of rebuilding, culminating in a thriving town fondly dubbed New Thera in the
year 400. Though the denizens of New Thera do not like to reminisce about the 
past, a fountain in the centre of the town stands as a memorial to what once was.

Some signs of its previous ruin remain, but New Thera has flourished over the 
years as a hub of activity. Here one will find the Lucretian Athenaeum, 
Sapience's most extensive library; shops trading in unique items from pets to 
games; the Wander Inn, popular among the realm's most seasoned explorers; and 
the Festivities Annex, which sells Mayaween and Logosmas wares during certain 
steps of the Dance of the Vault. Rumour also holds that the dangerous Quisalis 
Mark is headquartered somewhere below the bustling village streets.