Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.

2.1 New Adventurers in Achaea

Welcome to Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands!

As a new adventurer, you will undoubtedly be confused. Below are a list of
scrolls that you should probably read. Reading them in order is best, but if
you feel you already know what you need to about a certain topic, you may skip
some of these scrolls.

To read these scrolls, simply type HELP <scrollname>  (e.g. HELP MUDINTRO)

Capital letters are not necessary. There is a lot of information, but after
reading these scrolls, you will be prepared to begin your life in Achaea!

For your gameplay-related questions, use the newbie channel

   NEWBIE <your question>

Our official guides (HELP GUIDES) may be available to help you as well.  The
sole purpose of Guides is to help you, our new adventurers.

Note that these scrolls are arranged in a standard outline form. The headings
of the sections are not help scrolls in and of themselves, though they may
share the same name as one of the scrolls in that heading. Many of these
scrolls refer to other help scrolls which contain further information on that
subject. Though some of the basic help scrolls are listed here, they are by no
means the only help scrolls. Typing HELP on its own will give you an index to
all the help scrolls.

Topic:                     Help scrolls
------------               -------------------
A list of basic commands   basecommands
An Introduction to MUDs    mud intro
Your Character             score, status, objects, skills, your character
Classes and Skills         classes, learning, skills, classlist

Communication              says, tells, shouts, language, emotes,
                           messaging, news, bugs

Starting Out               movement, death, gold, shops, newbie attacks,
                           what now, web site

These are only a few of the help scrolls that Achaea has. There is a help
scroll on nearly every subject that pertains to how to play Achaea. Type HELP
on its own to see an index of these scrolls.