Achaea Help Files

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The ebb and flow of the oceans, a merciless whirlpool that dooms ships
to the crushing grasp of the fathomless deep, the bountiful harvest of
sealife that feeds a village... Neraeos, God of the Sea and Tyrant of
Tides, is all of these and more. Imperator of the mysterious Tritonic
Empires, His mood is as unpredictable as the waters over which He
reigns. At once the placid pool and cold expanse, the crystal lagoon,
and the inscrutable depths. Yet when roused, the roaring rage of the
Ocean Lord breaks and crashes down upon His unfortunate foes.

Boundless and eternal, the sea is always in Flux. Cloaking the vast
reaches of Achaea, its waters are the blood of the world and a sustainer of
life. All along the undersea lie sprawling cities, filled with races and
creatures as numerous as the stars its dark ceiling reflects. Those who
devote themselves to the howling waves of the oceans must respect the
mysteries that lie beneath, swear to nurture them, and protect those who
dwell within its warm embrace from foul beasts and the greedy hands of

Any who wish to serve Him must tread the Path of Equilibrium to seek
Aristeia by utterly and completely devoting their life to the sea. By
upholding the Nine Virtues, this powerful state can be wielded to
further the Thalassan God-King's most sacred goal, the return to
Oceanus. Only when the Eternal Sea reclaims the blighted lands suffering
under the cursed Sky can the world be purified.