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12.6.6 Manusha, the Gypsy Village

A collection of painted wooden wagons flank a treeless tract of land that a
travelling band of gypsies have claimed for their own. The actual date on
which they settled the small area of Manusha is lost to the annals of
history, but little has changed since they first arrived. Unfriendly towards
most outsiders, many of the elder gypsies refuse to speak the common
language of Achaean. However, the new generation has become more daring,
changing the old traditions in favour of new ones.

The gypsy village of Manusha lies off the north end of the Eastern Road and
is easily accessible by a short walk from the Village of Tasur'ke. Enverren
Marsh lies to the west of the small camp, feeding the superstition which
thrives within the small gypsy encampment.