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12.10.5 Manara Burrow

Manara Burrow is a rambling section of tunnels and dens burrowed into the
rocky soil of the Granite Hills. Hidden away from the prying eyes of
adventurers, a race of mole-like humanoids called the Mingruk has created a
self-sufficient civilization within the earth. Though they do not shy away
from fighting, the Mingruk instead choose to embrace a peaceful life.

Many years past, away from the curious eyes of the realm, an aggressive race
called the Gnoll infiltrated the Mingruk Village in Manara Burrow. Stronger
and nastier, the Gnoll slaughtered the Mingruks who opposed them, taking the
survivors for slaves and food. As the years have progressed, the Gnoll have
settled into Manara Burrow, building a fortress deep within the bowels of
the Granite Hills. The fortress is under constant construction; stone and
other materials are eked out of the mines by slave labourers. The Gnolls
lord over the Mingruk, finding new horrors and tortures with which to
subjugate the peaceful race.

Accessible through a narrow chute in the Granite Hills, Manara Burrow delves
many layers into the earth and offers a varied adventure to those brave
enough to venture through the dank corridors.