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4.25.1 Joining a City

This scroll speaks of both changing cities, and joining them.

Changing Cities
Quit your current city (QUIT <cityname>), then follow the steps below.

Joining: Auto, or Manual
You may be able to join a city automatically, by finding the city's
denizen in charge of citizening. Or you may have to find an adventurer

Auto (via denizen)
Some cities have a denizen in charge of citizening. It will be noted on
HELP <city> if so. Simply seek out that denizen and ASK <denizen> JOIN <cityname>.

In Mhaldor, this is Maric. So you'd ASK MARIC JOIN MHALDOR.

When Auto isn't Enough
Cities may restrict who they accept via their denizen in charge of
citizening. If you ask to join, and are refused, you will be told
why. You may be refused for being a city enemy, for being over a
certain age, for being a member of certain houses or classes,

Manual (via Adventurer)
Use HELP <city> and read under [CURRENTLY IN THE REALM] and look for
"able to induct new citizens." If anybody is listed there, then
contact one. For example, if you do HELP ELEUSIS and see

Able to induct new citizens: Zelmo

Then use TELL ZELMO Excuse me, could you help me join Eleusis?