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2.6 Inventory and Equipment


Your inventory is what you are carrying or wearing or wielding - equipment of various sorts.

Inventory - Info Inv - II
The word INVENTORY in Achaea is most commonly used to refer to the items and equipment that an adventurer or denizen is carrying, wielding, or wearing. There are two ways to see what is in your inventory.

   INVENTORY (or INV or EQ)   list your inventory.

   INFO INV [HELD|WORN|FULL]  a more detailed list, with numeric ids.
   II [HELD|WORN|FULL]        same as INFO INV.

II or INFO INV, alone, will show you your inventory using item names and IDs. Any of the options (Held, Worn, or Full) will try to show even more information about what is in your inventory, such as time left till decay, or special effects or enchantments. The exact special information you'll see depends on various abilities; see AB VISION LISTS for details on these.

Protecting Your Items
There are quite a few ways that other adventurers can make you drop, or can steal items from your inventory. Putting a fist-shaped sigil on that item will ensure that your grip on it will be too tight to lose it with many methods.

Things Nearby
To see things in your immediate area, such as sitting on the ground in the same location, use:

   INFO HERE (or IH)          a list of items on the ground.
   INFO HERE <item>           to show only items of a particular type.

ID Numbers
Each item in Achaea has a separate and distinct number (as shown in II). Oftentimes you will have multiple items of a similar type, and you will want to be specific in referring to one. So, for instance, if you had 5 oaken vials filled with different kinds of liquids and you wanted to make sure you give the right one to your comrade, you might type GIVE VIAL1347 TO SARAPIS instead of just GIVE VIAL TO SARAPIS.

More Details on Items
To gain more information on an item, including what is inside the item, if anything, you may

   LOOK AT <item>
   PROBE <item>    (or P <item>)
   EXAMINE <item>  (or EX <item>)

Other Ways to Manipulate Items
There are various ways of manipulating things including:

   GET|G <item> [from <a container item>]
   GIVE <item> TO <whomever>

   WIELD <item>
   UNWIELD <item>

   WEAR <item>
   REMOVE <item>

Dealing with gold is a slightly different matter, as you will want to specify how much gold to get or give. To do this, you would, for instance, 


If you don't have 100 gold, poor Sarapis will be broke and you'll be standing there looking silly.