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19.24.5 Invasion Talismans

The "Invasion" talisman set:
Talismans and pieces from this set can be obtained in the following ways:

- Promotions (this will always be announced via the relevant news when the
  pieces are currently available)
- Trading between players (pieces only)
- Whole talismans bought from the Delosian shop (when in stock)

The Invasion set contains the following items:

A brick of slowmelt ice - (icebrick)
   POINT BRICK <dir> to create a reforming icewall on that exit!
   Every three seconds, if broken, this icewall will reform itself, up to six
   times total.
   Standard checks apply (i.e. can't icewall or recurr icewall on a firewalled
   exit etc).
   If the icewall fails to reform once, the remaining attempts will still
   Use of this item incurs a 5 minute cooldown.

An iron cauldron - (cauldron)
   LIGHT CAULDRON to place firewalls in all room exits.
   This item has a 15 minute cooldown.

A reinforced battering ram - (batteringram)
   RAM <target> <dir>
   If there is an ice or stonewall between you and your target, smash through
   it and knock the target prone. 
   This will not pull your entourage.
   This item respects standard movement hinders such as piety/gravehands/etc. 
   Any wall in the way will be destroyed on use.

A steel caltrop - (caltrops)
   The next three people to enter the room will get hit by that venom. 
   Caltrops respect standard envenoming restrictions.
   (If you can't envenom it on a weapon, you can't envenom it on these).
   This will not work in retardation.
   After the third hit or 3 minutes has passed, this item will go on cooldown
   for 15 minutes.
   If the 3 minutes passes and the caltrops go unused they will be on cooldown
   for 2 minutes.

A crumpled scouting map - (scoutingmap)
   SCOUT SURROUNDINGS to see all corporeal and alive players in adjacent
   Use of this item has a 2.5 second cooldown, but no balance cost.
   This functionality is not blocked by walls or doors.

An observant hag's eye - (hagseye)
   Works alongside the identify_portal power to tell you the list of players
   on the other end of the portal.
   This item comes with the identify_portal power.

A shadow-wreathed adamantine shackle - (shadowshackle)
   If you can't beat them, join them?
   This is a shackle of Garash themed to match the one worn by the Tsol'teth
   Wearing this shackle gives you the mass defence, so you never have to worry
   about running out of mass salve mid-fight!

A figurine of Bain'maal - (darkearthfigurine)
   A battle figurine of the Tsol'teth Bain'maal
   This figurine is a part of the Tsol'teth battlefigurine collection!