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The IGNORE command does exactly that, helps you literally ignore someone by
blocking communication attempts from a specific player. Think of it like
turning off an in-game channel that you don't want to listen to any more.

IGNORE <person> <reason> 
  Add someone to your ignore list. A reason is required, but the 
  other person will not see the reason nor any other message when he  
  or she is ignored. Administrators, however, are able to see your reasons
  if necessary; it behooves you to make them clear and succinct.

  Ignoring someone is declaring that you no longer want to communicate with 
  them. This means that you too will cease communications. Attempting to 
  continue contact with someone you have ignored puts you at risk of breaching 
  Achaea's harassment policies. Do not do this.

  List all people you are ignoring and your reasons for ignoring 
  them. You will also see a list of anyone currently ignoring you, 
  but -not- their reasons.

UNIGNORE [<person>|ALL]
  Remove someone (or everyone) from your ignore list.

What it blocks:
- EMOTES (Directed and not)
- Letters/parcels via the MAIL system.

What it doesn't block:
- News posts.
- Any form of repercussion from IC circumstances.

You may not change your ignore/unignore setting with any particular person too
often (it's limited to about once per Achaean day). If you try, you'll be told
you can't yet, since you changed too recently. Try again a bit later!

What happens if someone ignores me?
Nothing, really. Should you have outstanding contracts on that person, they're
still valid. If they're in an open PK area, they're still open PK to you. You
just can't talk/emote to them.

Being ignored means the other person doesn't want anything further to do with
you, and you're better off just letting it drop at that. Be judicious in using
the few communication channels still open to you. If you know someone is
ignoring you, and you go ahead and try to find ways to make them pay attention
to you, you may be entering the harassment arena, which may or may not result
in the Administration's involvement.

Involvement of the Forums
It should be noted that the ignore function does not translate to the Achaean
Forums. If, however, a person seeks to abuse this then they may potentially 
face consequences within the game itself.