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8.5 House Leaders

As a House leader, what you need to know about House positions and the
associated powers is fairly simple. HOUSE AUTHORITY shows you all your powers,
of course, but a word of explanation regarding positions, aides, and powers is
in order.

Only the Lord/Lady of your House can create positions. He/she can create up to
5 positions above and beyond the House Lord/Lady, House Patron, and Head of
Newcomers (which may and should be renamed by each House). The Lord/Lady may
then assign a set of powers to any of those positions, as well as to the Head
of Newcomers position, by doing HOUSE SETPOWERS <position name/NEWCOMERHEAD>
<power list separated by spaces>. For instance, a power list might look like:
suffix prefix score writelog.

Next you'll want to appoint someone(s) to that position. Except for the Head of
Newcomers, positions may have unlimited number of position holders. Have 1,
have many: it's up to the House in question.

Once you have assigned powers to a position, the person who holds that position
may then assign a sub-set of those powers to his or her aides. That sub-set can
be any combination of the powers the position has, up to and including all the
powers the position has. 


House Lord/Lady:
  - Creates positions.
  - Appoints people to them.
  - Assigns powers for the positions.

Position holders:
  - Appoint aides.
  - Assign aide powers.

House leaders earn 200 renown per hour while logged in, up to 800 renown per 
day or until they hit cap (see HELP RENOWN). 

See also HELP PATRONAGE REQUESTS, and HELP 8 for more information on Houses.